Curve fitting

Process of repeatedly & artificially improving a backtest model to match the backtest data. When run on new data it inevitably fails.

Crumbling Quote

IEX’s description of the effect of an HFT running ahead of the NBBO update and consuming all the potentially profitable resting trades on the other exchanges. Effectively it looks like the Quote is ...


The procedure in which an asset’s capital gains or interest earnings are reinvested in order to produce more earnings over time.

Closing period

Limited trading period 15 mins before the close, where specialist balances the book adjusting the price until all trades are met.

Cleaned Data

Sometimes datasets contain bad data, or noise, or blank entries or some kind of null or nan value. Cleaning Data means making this data ready for the Machine Learning to analyze.

Collective Investment Funds (CIFs)

A Collective Investment Fund (CIF) is a trust created and administered by a bank or trust company that commingles assets from multiple clients. The federal securities laws generally require entities t...


Assets that are offered to secure a loan or other credit. For example, if you get a real estate mortgage, the bank’s collateral is typically your house. Collateral becomes subject to seizure on ...

Closing Costs

The expenses incurred by sellers and buyers in transferring ownership in real property. The costs of closing may include the origination fee, discount points, attorneys’ fees, loan fees, title s...

Closing a Mortgage Loan

The consummation of a contractual real estate transaction in which all appropriate documents are signed and the proceeds of the mortgage loan are then disbursed by the lender.

Closed-End Loan

Generally, any loan in which the amount advanced, plus any finance charges, is expected to be repaid in full by a specified date. Most real estate and automobile loans are closed-end agreements.